We are pleased to present our Mitzvah Menu for 2003-2004!

We invite you to select a Mitzvah item of your choice to help someone less fortunate.

Call 215-496-9700 for further information, or mail your donation to: Jewish Family and Children's Service of Greater Philadelphia, 2100 Arch Street, 5th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103.  You may also donate online

Mitzvah Menu

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"Wheels of Independence" for the Elderly
$2,900 suggested donation 
Your generous gift will cover one month of operating expenses (driver, maintenance, gas, etc.) for JFCS' van to enable elderly clients to attend medical appointments and to visit shopping centers.

"Up and Running"
$1,600 suggested donation
Provide a state-of-the-art work station (computer and printer) to expedite the work of a JFCS employee.

Jewish Crisis Line/Critical Needs
$500 suggested donation 

Extend a lifeline to families and individuals in need by providing financial support for basic expenses, such as rent, utility costs, and food. 

The Anne Frank Theater Project 
$500 suggested donation

Sponsor a dynamic Anne Frank Theater Performance at a local school, church, or synagogue. Geared toward teen and adult audiences, the play features facilitated follow-up discussions on tolerance, diversity, and growing up. 

The Joan Grossman Center For Chaplaincy and Healing
$250 suggested donation
Become a founding donor to the new endowment fund for The Joan Grossman Center, named for one of JFCS' past presidents. Joan was committed to creating a JFCS program to blend spirituality and health care. Your gift helps endow this outstanding program, recently re-named in Joan's memory.

Critical Incident Debriefing
$250 suggested donation

Our Critical Incident Response Team responds quickly to provide counseling to members of the community affected by a traumatic event. The CIR Team assisted people in New York after September 11, and continues to serve many others who need immediate assistance in the aftermath of a tragedy.

Interfaith Shabbat Dinner
$250 suggested donation

Support a vital social forum designed to bring interfaith couples and families together in a supportive, positive environment that fosters sharing, learning, and healing.

Young Adults with Special Needs
$225 suggested donation

Help create a circle of friends for a young man or woman living in our Jewish community by funding classes, recreational workshops, or membership in a social group dedicated to supporting and empowering young adults with developmental disabilities. 

Project PRIDE
$200 suggested donation

Help educate our children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol through Project PRIDE, a school-based group education and prevention program that reaches out to hundreds of children every year.

Holocaust Survivors
$150 suggested donation 

Help provide comfort and security to an emotionally fragile, elderly widowed Holocaust survivor who has just returned from the hospital by covering the cost of a home health aide’s overnight stay. 

New American Resettlement
$125 suggested donation 

Lighten the financial burdens of New Americans by covering the cost of school uniforms, supplies, and other educational supplements, as well as household furnishings and cultural activities. 

Challah Program 
$100 suggested donation

With your contribution, the volunteers in our Chaplaincy Program will be able to provide 75 hospitalized Jewish patients with challah for one Shabbat. 

Tutoring for Foster Children and Children at Risk
$60 suggested donation 

Your donation will cover the cost of two hours of home-based tutoring for a needy child who may be struggling academically. Help him achieve his scholastic goals and reach for the stars. 

Jacob's Ladder
$50 suggested donation 

Give a struggling family the gift of healing through Chaplaincy services. Your gift provides two hours of spiritual counseling to a family working to overcome issues such as financial stress, unemployment, addiction, or coping with a newborn.

Mitzvah Basket Fund
$50 suggested donation
Help bring the warmth of Thanksgiving, the sweetness of the New Year or the joyous traditions of Passover into a needy client's home by providing a holiday food basket:
$50 for a family of two ($10 more for each additional person).

Shabbat Meal 
$40 suggested donation

Brighten the day of an elderly person or a person living with HIV/AIDS by providing a delicious gourmet Shabbat meal, delivered right to the door. 

Gift Certificates for Children
$36 suggested donation
Help a child feel a sense of pride in appearance and be confidently prepared for school. Your donation(s) will supply gift certificates for school-age children to purchase school supplies or a new school outfit/uniform.

Children's Hanukkah/Holiday Gift Fund
$36 suggested donation
Bring light and connection to a child at Hanukkah through a gift that has been selected with the age and interests of the child in mind.

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